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2018-11-06    Pict and Video FSWeekend 2018, Overledenen,  ForceFeedBack including  Flaps positon via Radio frequency change.
                   UDP2COM in "Express 2013 for Windows Desktop" on the laptop USB to drivercard under seet driving 3 motor's.
2018-06-24    added latest files abaud PMSM to SW page (....MCP)
2017-11-27     added FSWEEKEND2017
2017-11-08      Transport car building and loading
2017-11-08      Added video abbout FSWEEKEND 2017
2017-10-17     added video about E-bike motor demo toYouTube.
2017-10-17     Added some pictures and demo video about new desingn MKIV E-bike motor leg.
2017-05-08    Implemented FFB driver (base version for testing) See: "sw-page".
2017-28-01    During the FSWEEKEND 2017 at Aviodrome at Lelystad we had som problems with the Positon potentiometers.
                   Contact interupted wihin potentiometer (10 years old), Return spring problem in rolcentimeter.
                   Making new design with 10 turn pots and very thin (0.1mm) and strong wire loop.see MKIIIcurrent page
2016--        FFB combination Windhoos & Condor not satiefied, Found "Condor Tranceiver", But the Comport output is not usable.
                   Will write my own, Started with "UDP2COM-2: see MKIIIcurrent page
2015-05-15   Motor shaft rotaton sensing by hall switch and magnet.
2014-11-10   Flaps control construction pictures 
2014-11-09   FSweekend pictures on Mijnalbum & Youtube
2014-12-10    FFB working, extra controll panel for flight funtions.
2014-10-09   MK_IIIcurrentPict Force FeedBack setup...
2014-15-06  MK_IIIcurrent  / Pict New adjustble food pedle and preperation for sensing and force feedback
2014-25-04   MK_IIIcurrent  / Pict Real stick preperation for sensing an force feedback.
2014-10-04   MK_IIIcurrent  / Pict Nice cushion on cockpit seat by Leon Seegers.
2013-11-06  Add Casting a Teeth belt puley and cost
                     Add new MKIV and cost at the end
                     Add new MKIV mesurement pictures
2012-11-07  Add FSweekend foto's
                    Add MK IV foto's
                    Add E-Bike motor section & sw

                Add E-Bike motor leg test video
2012-05-03   Schema vario VW5KB updated.
2012-04-10   Schema's updated to Eagle 6.1 and completed with boards, Instruments on seperated file.
                      Zip files for download.
2012-04-08   Xcsoar updated to 6.3 on PDA.
2012-04-06   Seperate instrument panel with Condor-Free-Instruments and Altitude adjust by a turn knob(pict)
2011-07-09   Add connectiom diagram in MKIII (Current)
2011-04-23  add 'driver-v11.c' and 'adr-check.c' text mode in "sw-page".
2011-04-21  Add BFF and Condor config file and new video
2011-04-14  Add scema's
2011-04-13   Digital input to leg drivers from BFF 6dof code.
-02-19  Add Instruments section
                         Link XCSoar on PDA to Condor.

                   Building Air Core Motor into real instrument
2010-12-14   Add: Pict. MK III, Legdriver v9, MK IV SketchUp.
2010-11-08    HFT (Hardware Force Translator). page
2010-11-08   MK III page, Platform cockpit extentions, Screen.
2009-11-29    Rearange items newest -- oldest.
2009-11-24    Added FSweekend 2009 pictures and video.
2009-11-20    House is sold at last.
2009-10-30    Leg driver sw page.
2009-10-17    Added pictures of new hobby-room and pressure test.
2009-06-28    Added  ideas about MK IV
2009-05-19    Added  ToDo list
2009-05-18    Progress will be slow/stopped for a while due to the move to
                        an apartement at Vogelpark in Heemstede.
                       The house in Loosdrecht is sold

2009-05-04    Upload pictures of universal joints
                       Upload pictures of weight compensation bij means of bicycle pumps
                       Upload to YouTube  "hi6sim-f4" Weight compensation.
2009-04-03   Video made by
M.C. Jorge Peñalva Soto Coordinador de Académico CEDIA
                         at the FSweekend 2008.
   Upload to YouTube "hi6sim-f3" Speedtest
2009-03-15    Quadrature Encoder Disk pict & PS program
2009-03-08    Upload to YouTube "hi6sim-f2"
2009-03-07    Update pictures Legdriver hw
2009-03-06    Added link to YouTtube film(s) and "updates"