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Todo list
| = Done
x= Canceled
| Motor rotation sensing Hall switch
| Insert a threaded bronze bus in the nylon nut instead of the thread in the nylon.
|       The nylon expands when hot and resists movement of the threaded rod.
| Main power 20V & 12V
| Regulators on driver cards 20V -> 15V,  12V -> 5V
| Suppress motor spikes, filter all Pic18f. inputs.
| More power VB  (100V). Found trafo 74V 20A
| VB via shielded cable.
| Shielded cable for inputs  (QE, Pos R., End).
|  2 more inv.ic's  between pic. and motor driver ic.
|  RS485 bus from PC to pic's (ser. and/or usb).
x Serial bus auto baud. (55h 1e data to sync)
x Current sensing.
x Lubrication vilts on spindel nut.
xQE on legs motor shaft.
x Hall end indicators on legs.
| Remake some flex coplings between motor and spindel.
| Shield spindel from dust and oil spil.
| Air Compressor and pressure test.
x Pic.: program command processing
| Pic.: program PID.
| Convert G forces to leg lengths. ?Acselleration q. , washout.?
|  By HFT (Hardware Force Tranlator)  
| Extract G forces from flightsim.
|  By X-Sim  Force Sender / Profiler