Instruments driver (Demo)
Sends series of 10 bits serial to the instruments via a rsj45 cable to:
  An Altitude meter and a Vario meter.

More pictures
Driver programs on SW page.
Schemas on Schema's(current)
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Air Core Coil Motor for real instruments.
Steel shaft 0.5mm,   Messing micro tube 1x0.6mm, Alu staf 5mm(old uhf tv antenne).
Ring magnet 10/5x5mm, Pertinax 0.5mm, Pertinax 1mm, 2 componet glue.
Copper wire 0.1mm˛, Threded plastic distance rod.
Motorized winding setup with turns counter(about 2x1600 turns, +/- 200 Ohm).
Driver chip eg. SA5775AN.
Driver programs on SW page.
Video of first try.(on scope: 1output channel, input pulses)
Video of ready modifyd instrument

Picture serie of how i made one.

Condor soaring flightsim GPS connected to XCSoar on PDA for navigation.
 Via GpsGate -> ActiveSync -> PDA -> GpsGate -> XCSoar.
Gratis XCSoar
Circling in thermal.