Hw Force Transl.
Mini joints   

Initial test                            
  HFT    Hardware Force Translator

The 3 roations: Yaw, Pitch and Roll drive the top plate of the mini platform.
The other 3: Sway, Surge and Heave drive the bottom plate in reverse direction..
The 6 sliding potentiometers provide input to the real platform.

This setup performs quite wel, as proven at the FSWEEKEND 2010 bij several
 glider pilots,  but is not jet the ideal solution.

The X-Sim force profiler profile can be found on the "sw page".
To drive the servos the Pololu 6 servo card is used.
During game start the platform is raized slowly to its mid position.
At game end it is slowly moved to its lowest position.

setup: condor x-sim hft real