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Ideas about MK IV combination from several sources:

Weight compenation from MK III,
but bicycle pump upside down and with a hollow shaft.
Air buffer for each 2 legs.

V_belt drive from Roland: or
old timing (teeth) belt from car engine (renieuwed after xx KM and thrown away)

Linear actuator from Ian:

Direct_drive motor (from a Electric bike?) (Hub motor) (no speed reduction?)

Try to make a design that can be mede with simpel tools.
Anny comments are welcome.
But first priority is completing MK III.

See section on E-Bike motor leg:
For the new dessign see MK_IV pictures Mesurement Parts

Premature principle hand drawing with speed reduction.                                     example of teeth belt use see below,. MK IV SketchUp , and by now the real test setup
tandriem tek tandriem pict   

Collection timing belts, Alu tube and staf, Steel tube,                                             
Staf Ertalon LFX oil for piston and slide bearings,                                                       Test and Demo module build from MDF
Piston seals.                                                                                                               See section on E-Bike motor leg:   

                                                                  Better clamp between belt and cylinder tube.                                        
                                                                  Endstop hall sensors 
      Clamp and endstop sensing 

New MK_IV dessign. For mesurements see:
HI6SIM MK_IV Mesurements parts Pictures                             Parts                                                         Front                        Side

new group        
Frame ordered at Zetwerkwinkel.nl Kost
Requested to fold the 20mm inward at no extra cost. (Sent this picture by E-mail)

2 Aluminium U-profielen / Al Mg Si 0,5 F22   25x50x25x2   L = 130  € 2,44
Staal ronde buis / Gelast  SRGB038015350   38x1,5           l = 600  € 5,49
Staal ronde buis / Gelast  SRGB015015120   15x1,5           l = 600  € 2,65
5 Leather cup                                                                                     14.95
Ertalon LFX groen D=60 l=1m                                                    € 134,47