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// VvE Vogelpark Heemstede RDL appartments
// Serial Accu Equlizer Nood stroom UPS accu's
//   main light, videofoon, frontdoor power building 2,3,4 and garage.
//    The UPS runs on 24 Volts dc by 2 small internal 12 V accu's in serie,
//    and 2 large external accu's in serie.
// Check 12v accu's for eaqual voltage and correct if not,
//   by proportional ballasing the accu with higher voltage.
// By  Douwe Jippes  d.jippes@hccnet.nl  

Total Voltage , current , chip temp , (Charg/ Nood).
UPS Internal higher accu Voltage , External accu , ballastin value
UPS Internal lower accu Voltage , External accu , Ballasting value
accu eq

front panel

Microchip's MPLAB IDE v8.91  pic16f1825 code.
LCD main.c

EAGLE 6.1.0 Graphical Layout Editor
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Accu Equalizer / Balancer

Testing and Calibration: